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‘Tee’ time is me time for busy Chesterfield woman
A busy Chesterfield woman looking for some ‘me time’ in between caring for her husband and looking after five grandchildren has found a new love of golf after taking up the sport.
Jenny Moss, aged 64, from Walton in Chesterfield, started playing golf 18 months ago after hearing about a ladies only coaching programme at Tapton Park Golf Course.
She was looking for a hobby which would give her some time to herself after being busy caring for her husband, Chesterfield FC legend Ernie Moss, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s 10 years ago, as well as looking after her five grandchildren.
Jenny, who has played sports including squash and tennis in the past, signed up to the sessions, which have been spearheaded by former European tour golfer Fame Tate. She soon found herself getting into the sport, despite never having played before.
Jenny, who until eight years ago ran a sports shop in Chesterfield for 25 years with her husband, said: “The form of Alzheimer’s my husband suffers from, Pick’s Disease, is fairly rare as it’s affecting his speech and his empathy. Fortunately it hasn’t get progressed to the point where he can’t be left on his own, so he does still have some independence which is important to him.
“Because of this I was really keen to start a new hobby as really wanted to do something just for me whilst I can. A friend of mine told me about Fame’s ladies only sessions and I was really up for having a go.”
Fame’s sessions have been designed both for women who have never played golf before and for those who want to improve their existing skills. Each player receives a free, made to measure PGA golf club when they sign up.
Beginners will be able to learn the basic techniques and those with some experience will have the chance to develop their skills further, taking them to the next level in the sport.
Jenny now plays twice a week at Tapton, which run by Sheffield City Trust (SCT), having lessons with Fame and also playing nine holes of the course with the friends she has met since taking up the sport.
She added: “Golf has been great for me, not only mentally but physically as well. I’ve met some really good friends at the course and we now go out walking together, which is something I have got back in to since taking up golf.
“People often see golf as a male dominated sport, so I think women don’t necessarily consider it as something they’d like to try. But I’d recommend it to anyone, especially Fame’s sessions, because it gives you the confidence to give it a go and not be judged whether you’re any good or not! I’m definitely going to keep it up and enjoy my ‘me time’.”
Jenny has also launched ‘Team Ernie’, a fundraising drive to raise money for three causes close to the family’s heart – Dementia UK, Ashgate Hospice and the Jeff Astle Foundation. They have teamed up with this year’s Chesterfield Carnival, where some of the money raised will be donated to ‘Team Ernie’, and other fundraising activities will be happening throughout the rest of the year.
For more information about ladies only golf at Tapton Park Golf Course, or to register your interest, please click here 

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